I will set up a time to meet with you to appraise your items and you will be provided a written appraisal report. I use a 64-point checklist to ensure your appraisal report contains all the information required for your purpose. The report includes a cover document providing a complete and accurate description of the property, written in such a manner that it can be identified with or without photos. It also includes the method of valuation, intended use of the valuation, the research used to determine value with detailed comparisons to your item(s), and the appraiser’s qualifications and certification of value.


 Appraisals and Consultations are based on an hourly rate.

It is unethical and against USPAP rules to charge a "contingency" fee based on the appraised value, a finders fee, or a fee based on whether or not the appraiser will purchase the item.

Once we have a good idea of exactly what we are appraising and for what purpose (insurance, estate tax liability, etc.), then we are able to give an estimated cost of the entire process.